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IAMS v3.0
Internet Access Management System
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IAMS used by ISPs

PAYG has originally been designed for small and medium Internet Service Providers. IAMS can be used to block Internet access for unauthorized clients. Every time they try to browse, they are redirected to a login page where they have to enter username and password (or PIN) in order to get access.

IAMS used by Hotels

The system is very easy to be used by Hotels to allow the guests to access the Internet using their own laptops. IAMS is very suitable for this service as it does not require any software installed on the client computers. It is very easy to manage and control.

IAMS used by Restaurants

IAMS can be used in public restaurant rooms and conference rooms to provide the customers with high quality, high speed Internet access. The service would make the place become very suitable for conferences and business meetings and would also attract regular Internet consumers who only want to check their email or do a little browsing.

IAMS used by Cyber Cafes

There are Cyber Cafes all around the world where IAMS is used to control Internet access. In most of these cases, the Internet connection is offered through a wireless infrastructure directly on the customers' personal laptops / wireless devices. The service can be controlled, timed and billed accordingly, without the need to have a client software module installed on the customers' laptops.

IAMS used by Universities

IAMS can be used by Universities in their campuses and class rooms to allow students and teachers to access Internet from their own laptops and also assuring that unauthorized persons can not use it.

IAMS used by Malls

Every Shopping Mall in every country has a large public area where people meet and discuss. This is where IAMS could be used to control Internet access distributed by wireless infrastructure.

IAMS used by Public Libraries

Just like in a Cyber Cafe, IAMS can be used to charge the customers for using the Internet connection from fixed workstations or from their own wireless devices.

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